DeskTop Size Wall Size Large Format Wall Size
  17x22 24x36 36x48 48x64 60x80 72x96 90x120 108x144
Laminated Print N/A* N/A* $120 $150 $225 $300 $500 $600
PDF or Image $35 $50 $75 $100 $150 $175 $250 $300
NA* - We don't handle small sizes
*** All legends must be custom crafted for respective print size ***
Shipping costs of prints are NOT included as it varies by weight.
Graphics (Legend, Pushpins) @ $50/hr
Additional Programming @ $150/hr
How it works:

- Draw rectangle to define area to be captured.

- Zoom to desired altitude/detail and Save.

Where to send:

- Create email for

- Specify title of the map and shipping instructions

- Attach ptm, custom icons, logos, or NDA's

- Invoices are sent by email

- We can take your credit card order over the phone

- NDA's will be promptly signed and returned

You can use MapCruncher
To add your favorite graphics to Bing or Google Maps